Training Workshop on Mental Health and Professional Productivity with FIN-B and LifeSpring Limited

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KK Foundation jointly in collaboration with The Financial Inclusion Network, Bangladesh (FIN-B), an initiative of the Institute for Inclusive Finance and Development (InM) and LifeSpring Limited, organized a workshop on ‘Mental Health and Professional Productivity’ on 25th February 2020. InM Chairman Dr Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad and Executive Director Dr Mustafa K. Mujeri attended the workshop along with the participants including Executive Directors of FIN-B member organisations, doctors, bankers, psychologists and development practitioners.

The workshop focused on two important issues- a. mental health issues that directly affect productivity in the work-life and on the ways of attaining a good work-life balance and b. an innovative product for the marginalized poultry farmers of Bangladesh.

The mental health session was conducted by Dr Saydul Ashraf, Lead Psychiatrist, LifeSpring Consultancy Ltd. and explained the importance of    building a sound mind to lead a healthy and successful life. He discussed signs of clinical depression, self-discovery and good life philosophy along with a short mental health assessment among the participants. This was followed by a mindfulness session conducted by Dr Shusama Reza, Lead Psychosexologist, Lifespring Consultancy Ltd. At the concluding session, Mr Yahia Md. Amin, Chairman, Lifespring Consultancy Ltd, focused on providing mental health services both to the development target groups and development practitioners. He argued that the people were unlikely to grow to their full potential unless they had a strong mindset to improve their own life. This was the very reason why many development projects had failed to put a long term impact on the poor people. He emphasised on building collaboration among the development practitioners and psychological health service providers.

Ms Sifat-E-Azam, Executive Director, KK Foundation in her speech highlighted that in Bangladesh the marginalized populations are deprived and suicide rates are very high among them because of low/no income. She mentioned that in the country like us where physical health is not taken care by the people properly thinking about mental health is nothing but a luxury. But mental health should get equal priority because this is a silent killer. Considering these facts KK Foundation designed an innovative product for the marginalised poultry farmers of the microfinance institution’s borrowers. During the session she also highlighted different activities of its Shelter House program named ‘Joy Shokol Shishur’ that is dealing with the vulnerable children of the country.



Dr Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman, InM elaborated on the scope of working together for the overall well-being of the deprived people. He argued that human welfare dimensions should not be compartmentalised as these always worked together to enhance human welfare. People’s mental well-being and human and other development dimensions were interconnected; and these needed integrated development to lead a dignified life. The workshop was concluded with the speech of Dr Mustafa K. Mujeri, Executive Director, InM.





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