আমের নাম হিমসাগর
নায্য তার দামদর
যথাসময়ে পাঠিয়েছ বরাবর
তৃপ্ত মন তৃপ্ত উদর
আছে আরও সুখবর
বিষমুক্ত পূর্বাপর
মিষ্টি রসে মিশে যায় দুধেভাতে
লাভ যায় শিশুসেবা খাতে
ধন্য ধন্য
এই আম অনন্য

Ordered some frozen food like singara, chicken samusa, spring roll and chocolate cake. Food quality is awesome, and price is also very reasonable. Delivery was very quick. Overall service was fantastic. In Shaa Allah will continue with them and highly recommended.

Ordered pizza and bun today. Those were really delicious. My son liked them very much.