Sponsor a Child for Life-Changing Impact…

Who We Are?

KK Foundation believes, every child, everywhere, has the right to a happy and healthy life. When one sponsor a child s/he is giving them the necessities to survive with safe shelter, nutritious food, quality education and better medical care. Child sponsorship also ensures that they go to a school where they start to build their foundation for a better future. Sponsoring a child is more than giving a child in need the right resources to survive, it gives them confidence that they won’t have to beg for money ever again and stability. In a sentence, KKF works hard to find out a sustainable solution for the underprivileged children of the country. Considering the above issues we named the program Joy Shokol Shishur means Victory of Every Children.


KKF through Joy Shokol Shishur program works towards creating a better and sustainable world for underprivileged children of the country. This program supports underprivileged children whilst they learn new skills and create opportunities for their future alleviates stress and hunger, allowing them to focus on finding a substantial income offer grants to orphanage or least developed educational institutes so they can provide adequate educational and residential supports for those under their care cover the medical costs of those who cannot afford checks and treatments


We  have a vision to see a world where all children have the chance to grow up in a loving and caring environment, and all their rights upheld and respected.

You can make the difference

Sponsoring a child will help us pay for food, clothing, medicine, and education for children in our shelter house program and some of the most desperate and deprived areas in the country. Please donate now
Secured Shelter

KKF provides safe home for distressed, abandoned and floating children. At present KKF is taking care of about 100 kids and gradually foundation has a plan to extend these services. We can connect you with all our children. A small contribution of Taka 1500/month ensures secured shelter, beddings and relevant materials for a child.

Nutritious Food

With only 3000/- per month (three thousand taka only) you can ensure 5 times nutritional food for a child. The food chart includes three time meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), two snacks, one tiffin (for school going child), and four improved meal per month. All these food chart are approved by the professional nutritionist to ensure the balanced diet.

Education and Materials

KKF at their shelter house program Joy Shokol Shishur, provides quality educational support to the children. For the secondary high school and college child apart from the school education, for some subjects like Math, Science, English and Bengali Grammar children need special support and assistance. With a monthly donation of 2500/- (two thousand five hundred taka only) one can ensure quality education along with study materials like copies, stationeries and other relevant materials for a child.

Health & Hygiene 

With a monthly donation of 1000/- (one thousand taka only) one can ensure the treatment, medical facilities, medicines and personal hygiene materials for a child.

Uniform/Shoes/ Bag

With a yearly donation (once a year) of taka 6000 (six thousand taka only) one will able to help a child-in-need getting two sets of school uniform, new school bag with necessary supplies, school shoes, socks for a year. Your contribution will allow us to help more disadvantaged children.

Quality Education

Vocational Training