Relief Distribution for the Vulnerable Ethnic Minority

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More than 300 shops have been gutted as a fire broke out at a market in Thanchi of Bandarban on April 26, 2020. Fire issues during pandemic made the community more vulnerable. Foundation in joint collaboration with Give Bangladesh arranged a relief activities in the Banderban District Thanchi Upazila in May 28-29, 2020. In total 270 families were covered from Murong Para, Tripura Para, Sandak Para, TNT Para, Thuisha Para, Jinnah Para and Notun Para.

We have distributed 2700 kg rice, 1350 kg lentil, 1350 kg potato, 270 kg onion, 270 kg salt, 270kg oil, lachha semai 270 packet and noodles 810 packet. Along with this relief with the help of another donor (anonymous) organizers setup the shops for three shopkeepers who were relatively more vulnerable.

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