Pholon (Sustainable Livelihood for Farmers )

Sustainable Livelihood for Farmers

Problem at a Glance

Across the northern region of Bangladesh, flood is a frequent occurrence in monsoon. This sudden shocks decimate crops, leaving low income farmers indebted and lowering their future income potential as access to credit disappears. This is further complicated by the following:

  • Information asymmetry about best agricultural practices
  • High micro-credit interest as lenders charge risk premium
  • Agricultural input unavailability
  • Input quality issues
  • Lack of proper market access
  • Traditional crop production results in low and fixed profit margin


  • To help break the cycle of debt
  • Encourage farmers to switch to cash crop production from that of subsistence crops
  • Increase their current and future income
  • To provide them with enough capital to cultivate the crops without any dangling interest rate for three seasons (one year).

During Covid-19 Pandemic

The farmers in river deltas traditionally have difficult time making a consistent living. The pandemic has made their lives even harder, during such shocks, the ultra-poor class is the first to be severely hit.

  • Majority of the farmers have already sold the crops to vendors
  • The farmers are not getting paid for their produce due to instability created through pandemic
  • Few farmers have not been able to sell crops due to communication difficulty
  • Vendors (Bepari) who travel to the villages for buying crops are facing complexities due to the lockdown.


  • KKF has promoted the adoption of ideal cash crops such as corn and chili pepper.
  • BDT 10000 provided to a screened group of farmers
  • Assistance in the form of an agricultural card(to prevent misuse)
  • Card will be used to buy seeds and fertilizers over two crop-seasons
  • Facilitating training by specialized trainers
  • Setting local agricultural input distributors so that the inputs are available for purchase at the beginning of each crop season
  • Encourage saving through a bank account BDT 10,000 is the cost of supporting one farmer(80% goes to the farmer directly)
  • The remaining BDT 2000 (20%) is to be spent on project related costs

Intervention Plan

Pilot Program: May 2020- September 2020
Frist Batch 1 (Sept 2020-Mar-2021) 15 Farmers