Our journey

KK Foundation was established in 2011 by Md. Mazharul Quader, founder and current Chairman of Index Companies Ltd. The organization is based in the heart of the country, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The name ‘KK’ derives from the name of Mazherul Quader’s beloved mother, late Syeda Kamrunessa Khatun. Md. Mazharul Quader formed the organization with the loving memory of his mother, to spread her ideals of humanity and love.

Syeda Kamrunessa Khatun came from a well-educated and religious Muslim family. She was born and raised in Oshtogram, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.  Kamrunnesa Khartun was the daughter of Syeda Shareka Banu and Khan Bahadur Syed Moazzem Uddin Hossain. She grew up in a family with six sisters and five brothers and was adored by all. She got married to Dr. Md. Abdul Quader when she was quite young and later became a proud and loved mother of four daughters and four sons.

Being a mother and homemaker, she handled all her work with a lot of affection, empathy, and kindness. Despite facing several struggles during her lifetime, she made sure that every challenge is faced with a strong sense of resilience and patience. She was a disciplined person and strongly believed in “simple living and high thinking” just like her father. She made sure that all of her children receive good education because she knew the value education.

This kind of high-spirited and caring nature helped nurture her big family. Kamrunnesa took good care of her family and household, as well as for poor and needy people. Her sympathy and attention of helping the poor, whenever possible, was admired by her children, close ones and neighbors. No matter what the situation was, she taught her children to never give up hope, to combat the difficulties with courage and to work hard with honesty.

Rooted in Syeda Kamrnnessa Khatun’s dynamic personality, perspectives and way of life, KK Foundation wishes to use this inspiration and implement that into action. KK Foundation hopes to act for positive change in the arena of education, humanitarian effort, food and nutrition and employment in Bangladesh.

Problematic issues and difficult challenges in these fields will remain in our country, but it is our responsibility to recognize those challenges and deal with them with patience and optimism.  By aligning the several strategies of action to work for the underprivileged and marginalized people in the country, KK Foundation hopes to bring an effective and long-lasting impact on these people’s lives for the better.