Letter from the Chairman

Our aspiration as a foundation is to strive to betterment in the lives of our people. In our country, disadvantaged and deprived people are there, as well as there are young, energetic, enthusiastic population. This part of people can come forward and be a part of mainstream development, if we support them properly.

We have a deep-rooted belief in the foundation as a constructive force for change in the society and community. Business value and social value go hand-in-hand and form a strong root system that nourishes us and drives us to work with sustainability as an integrated part of our strategy.

As the chairman of KK Foundation, I feel honored to work among people and be a proud partner of the development process of our country. I also want to express appreciation to the employees, stockholders and the donors of KKF from the bottom of my heart.

Whether you are an entrepreneur getting started or failed after earnest attempts, consider KKF as your partner. We are here to support your needs and goals. Together we are committed to achieve a better living and create a better Bangladesh.