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KKF initiated with one idea, “Improving People’s Lives”. Visualizing through the lenses of optimism and the desires for a sustainable economic growth, KKF dreams for a changed Bangladesh. And without its people it is not possible.So to do that, KKF went back to the roots. With the pledge of providing platforms for the marginalized population of Bangladesh, KKF wishes to help them grow into more stable, capacitated human beings with the skills to be entrepreneurs or increase their chances to enter the employment stream.With the aid of different programs, especially designed with correspondence to various socio economic factors, KKF aims to build skilled workforce to eliminate unemployment and create a more stable economic society.

Thus KKF targets to aid the most sensitive population, such as the disadvantaged unemployed youth, poor and vulnerable women and able but failed entrepreneurs such as struggling agricultural producers and so on. With financial, technical and educational support, KKF is bringing these idle and struggling population through inclusiveness in the financial stream, and create a sustainable change in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

KKF also spreads its wings for the less fortunate, neglected population of Bangladesh, such as elderly, floating/street population, disabled and eunuch or hermaphrodites, through diverse programs, by creating social awareness and rehabilitation.


To strengthen the disadvantaged,
marginalized and ineffective population
of Bangladesh through empowerment
in social and financial sectors. To create
a field of opportunities for the vulnerable
population through education,training,
health safety, entrepreneurship and
employment prospects.


Sustainable development for a better
future through capacity building.


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