Health and Sanitation

Access to safe water and sanitation are basic human rights. Inability to access them can lead to a wide variety of social impacts, from water-related diseases and malnutrition, to low school attendance rates and loss of productivity. KKF is planning to provide these services across half the country, ensuring sustainability, through community ownership, developing linkage with local government and supporting local entrepreneurs. It also has a plan to expand reach into urban and hard-to-reach areas, contributing to the sustainable development goal of ensuring access to water and sanitation for all. (SDG 6)



SL No. Date Title Gallery

9th October 2010

Workshop on Ministration and Donation of Sanitary Napkins among the Women in Flood


9th October 2010

Medical Camo at Erendabari, Gaibandha

7 30 October 2020

Received Medicine Donation from the ACME Laboratories Ltd.

6 13 June 2019

KK Foundation Organized Vaccine Program Jointly with IEDCR

5 20-23 May 2019

Four (4) Days Health Camp by IEDCR and WHO

4 30, September 2019 Life Spring Visits Joy Shokol Shishur Program
3 26th September 2019

Eye Camp

2 21st September 2019

Dental Camp

1 21 September 2019

Skin Care Camp