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KK Foundation has started working on the insolvent farmers of the northern region in order to solve the prevalent agriculture related problems as well as to innovate a circular economic system through which a selected group of farmers shall help in growing one or more untapped farmers, alongside improving their own condition.

2020 being a dreadful year for the farmers due to the remarkable flood and adverse economic effect of COVID-19, we provided support to 18 farmers in total as a pilot basis. 15 of them were provided with cash of 10,000 BDT, under the ‘Circular Economy’ pattern, the rest 3 were given Zakat money. The ones to whom the Circular Economy pattern has been applied, shall return 11,000 BDT after the end of the season.

The time cycle started from late October 2020 and the first batch is going to return the money by May 2021.

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