Executive Body

Executive Body

KKF Senior Management Team with the Executive Director in lead, comprises of the Chief Advisor, Senior Advisor, Advisor-Development Program, Director-Finance, Administration and others, who meet monthly to review and plan the operations of the organization.


 Administration/Human Resources

KKF’s Human Resources Policies are approved by the management; and all staff members   have been provided with an orientation through a series of meetings.  Under the performance appraisal system, evaluations are  carried out every four months. This is expected to result in more frequent interactions between the staff and the supervisors along with timely feedback and support for the staff to perform better.
The organization’s Procurement Policy has been developed in accordance with the Government’s Public Procurement Rules (PPR) 2008.


Finance and Accounts

The Finance and Accounts Division of KKF maintains the overall financial affairs and manages related budgetary activities, ensures financial transparency of the Foundation, and aids in effective management decision making. The department ensures compliance and accountability. It records and stores financial data for management use, enabling a dynamic supervisory framework and the comprehensive monitoring of KKF’s diverse programs. The Foundation has significant internal control policies and conducts annual Audits by independent external auditors.


Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the powerhouse of knowledge generation, dissemination and preservation.  KKF plans to bring its knowledge to light in the form of reports, project findings, program papers, books and other publications. To disseminate new knowledge, KKF organizes dialogues, workshops, seminars and uses other dissemination channels. The knowledge management activities also focus on media relations and advocacy, branding, networking and database management.

In addition, KKF plans to organize and promote television programs including talk shows, documentaries and other programs focusing on inclusive development and awareness building. Besides, it undertakes different promotional activities for establishing the organization as a hub for social development through various capacity building and social enterprize programs. KKF is planning to establish itself as a financially self-sufficient organization by pairing enterprize development with welfare. KKF is preparing  to launch various products and strengthen brand image


Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building Division is considered  as the engine of human development of KKF. In this respect,   KKF’s  vision is  “Sustainable development for a better future through capacity building”.  Capacity building initiates design and implement strategies to alleviate vulnerability and improve coping mechanisms of marginalized and vulnerable communities. This also contributes to achieving sustainable development objectives. KKF strives to understand contemporary social development issues and seeks ways to address them. KKF exerts importance on identifying needs, and  provides need-based customized training for capacity building.  KKF uses integrated training modules for training programs. The motto is to provide contemporary life skills and trade based trainings that include newest insight of modern age, which will help every individual to flourish for better future.