Donate for Corona Relief Fund

The world is currently going through a turmoil widely known as the Corona virus pandemic. This virus is collapsing the world economy as well as social life of human being in an alarming rate. Everyday this lockdown situation is creating uncertainties among the people specially the underprivileged group of the country. Experts have already issued warning of upcoming recession with hunger and starvation.

KKF is moving forward to help the marginalized community, who cannot earn during this lockdown situation of the country. We are raising funds and mobilizing our volunteers to distribute rice, pulse, salt, oil, potato, common medicine, soap, sanitary napkins and some basic items for them to survive on. We are also providing reusable PPE among the doctors who are working with the patients in the hospital.

Please do remember, a small amount for you might be enough for a week’s meal for these families. Any amount of charity will surly make a difference in this world and the Hereafter as helping and feeding the needy is one of the best acts for the humanity of the world.