Commemorating Martyred Intellectual Day 2020

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49 years ago 14th December Pakistani military, staring at the face of a humiliating defeat, decided to commit one last act of unbelievable cruelty—with the help of the militant and native betrayer groups, they doubled up on their efforts to root out the minds that shaped the spirit of the Liberation War and launched coordinated efforts to massacre Bangladeshi intellectuals, in an attempt to cripple the new nation before it could begin its independent journey. We believe that their attempt has failed but not before we suffered unimaginable loss.

Along with the nation KKF with its Joy Shokol Shishur program observe the Martyred Intellectuals Day. Memory games and essay competition were arranged by the Foundation for the children and shelter house staffs also arranged a seminar to aware the children about the values and loss of the day among the children

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