Children of Joy Shokol Shishur Celebrated Eid ul Adha 2020

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Children at the KK Foundation Shelter House Progra in Dhaka celebrated Eid ul Adha recently with gift boxes donated by Mr. Mahin Mazher, Managing Director, X- index group of industries and Chief Advisor of KK Foundation. The gift pack includes new eid dress, cosmetics, and hygiene items.


“Children normally receive gifts from their parents and relatives during Eid, but these children miss out because they are orphans with no family, majority of them are the floating children. The children were very happy to receive their gift packets and had a lot of fun opening their gifts and enjoying the Eid celebration with KKF employees. The happiness in their smiles and in their faces, which is unforgettable. KKF is grateful for his kindness for the children.

Mr. Mahin Mazher mentioned that all these children are just like his very own children and for their betterment numbers of other activities will be promoted in the shelter house. In addition to the other activities that their organization organize to help alleviate hardship and improve the health, education and living conditions of the disadvantaged children. He also mentioned that a small act like this can brighten the lives of these children considerably so he is very happy to have the full support of his employees, who will donate generously and support the campaigns near future in every way.

KKF shelter house provides shelter, meals, education and support for orphans, floating and distress children of the Dhaka City. Currently, more than 65 children aged from 4 to 16 years are cared at the orphanage. Near future it has a plan to expand its program all over the Bangladesh.


Improved meals were provided for two days and children enjoyed the day with numbers of activities and also arranged cultural program. KK Foundation is grateful to Mr. Mahin Mazher, for his contribution that help the children feel happy and secured during the pandemic.

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