Basic Computer Duration: 12 weeks

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KKF has a plan to achieve large scale and rapid change by working with individuals, families, communities and institution to overcome poverty. Through continuous innovation to introduce more cost effective solutions and adapting them for greater effectiveness, we are trying to scale up for immediate and lasting change.
Basic computer course is basically designed for the participants who are completely new to computes and specially for the under privileged children of the society. This is basically designed considering the basic user in the mind who wants to operate the computer more confidently and systematically in their future endeavor.
Four children – Rubi Akhter, Eshita Akter, Fatema Akhter Jiniya and Shantona Akther enrolled for the Computer Basics Course. Mr. Ripon Mondal, Senior Officer, KK Foundation who has specialization in this area is facilitating both the computer courses.
At the end of the course certificates were given to the participants by the Senior Advisor Esha Rahman. Other senior officials were also present in the certificate giving ceremony.

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