About Training

About KKF Training Program

KKF is planning to achieve large scale and rapid change by working with individuals, families, communities and institution to overcome poverty. To reach the target we plan for a comprehensive approach – with financial services, capacity building and livelihood development as well as health, education and social justice – enabling people to realize their potential. Through continuous innovation to introduce more cost effective solutions and adapting them for greater effectiveness, we are trying to scale up for immediate and lasting change.

Worldwide it is proven that training is a key element of the development approach which focuses on human capacity and their participation. For that very reason, KKF plans to start its Training Program since its inception in the name of KKF Learning and Training Division. KKF believes in this division people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free and where people are continually learning how to learn together. This way, KKF Learning Centre will be responsible for augmenting the capacity and professionalism of KKF staff and programme participants through a wide range of training and learning, and also contributing to other organizations as GOs and NGOs over the country and abroad who are working in development arena.



Sl. No. Date Title Gallery
09. High Efficiency in Office Management
08. Trainers of Trainee
07. Introduction to Sewing- Beginners Duration: 24 weeks
06. August, 2020 Basic Computer Duration: 12 weeks
05 March 7, 2020 Certificate Program on Clinical Mental Health
04. November 5, 2019 Entrepreneurship 101- Be Your Own Boss
03. October 26, 2019 Certificate Course on Financial Performance
02. September 14, 2019 A Day Long Training Workshop on “Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) at Khulna
01. August 2-3, 2019 Training on Positive Parenting and Nurturing









Our mission is to design and deliver high impact development programs and a wide range of consultancy services that produce outstanding human performance for any organizations.


The overall objective of KKF Learning Division is to improve the effectiveness of KKF through enhancement of human potential of its staff, program participants, and other stakeholders. These efforts are consistent with KKF’s poverty alleviation and empowerment goals. In order to respond appropriately to diversity and organizational needs, the Learning Division’s specific objectives are as follows:

  1. Make KKF Learning Centre as a centre of excellence for training on leadership and management skills
  2. Provide capacity building support to KKF and other development organizations
  3. Establish partnership and networks with other national, regional and international learning institutions to continuously improve learning facilities and capacities.